80+ Best Designs Infinity Tattoos Symbols And Their Meanings (2023)

Infinity tattoos are one of the most successful designs, mainly because they are small and elegant tattoos that perfectly adapt to any part of the body. Moreover, as we will see below, they have many possibilities to convey the desired meaning.

The symbol of infinity originates from mathematical and physical notions that refer to something whose limit does not exist. That is when it comes to an unlimited amount that has no end or outcome.

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From this concept, many other meanings have emerged that move away from the quantifiable quality. And choose to get closer to subjective concepts such as feelings, spirituality, energy, and many others that make infinity tattoos an interesting design.

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1Infinity tattoos and their meaning

2Infinity tattoos with Names

3Unique Infinity Tattoos

4Infinity tattoos for women

5Infinity tattoos on the wrist

6Infinity tattoos on the arm

7Infinity tattoos with initials

8Love Infinity Tattoos

9Infinity tattoos with pen

10Infinity tattoos for men

11Family infinity tattoos

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Infinity tattoos and their meaning

Since this symbol has been explored from many different angles and through very varied disciplines. There are several interpretations of what it means, and each person can give their particular touch by adapting it to a host of possible meanings.

Some of them are more philosophical (like the freedom of the spirit and the body. The capacity of self-understanding and dissociation from the limitations of various religious, social, and cultural systems);

And others are more emotional (like the pure and unconditional manifestation of love towards someone else).

Next, we’ll mention the most notable categories among infinity tattoos, so you can get an idea of your main options.

Infinity tattoos with Names

These tattoos are undoubtedly the most personal options and are often charged with emotions. They are an ideal option if you want to express in your skin the unbreakable bond. That exists in your life between you and some very important person.

It is very common to see parents who tattoo their children’s names or vice versa, children to their parents;

80+ Best Designs Infinity Tattoos Symbols And Their Meanings (1)

couples who get their names tattooed, deceased people as a way to commemorate their memory and keep them always close. Or even many others will tattoo their beloved pets ‘ names.

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There are many reasons that motivate this type of design. But this choice to have such a high emotional weight generates a wide satisfaction in the people who have tattooed it. The only exception to this rule is when couples do it and then they have a definitive break.

Unique Infinity Tattoos

As you might imagine, infinity tattoos are extremely popular and have sometimes become a fairly notorious trend. Therefore, if you want an original tattoo, you should spend some time drawing a clear concept of what the purpose of your tattoo is, and also seeking specialized advice to achieve an incredible and different design.

The best way to get an original tattoo is, of course, to imbue it with your own life. Your experiences, your conceptions, and your ways of seeing the world.

It’s certainly hard to achieve, but if you succeed, you’ll feel very good about it. As special advice, we recommend that you talk to your tattoo artist in detail on several occasions.

So that he understands the essence of your idea well, and works on a few sketches until you feel you have reached the indicated place.

80+ Best Designs Infinity Tattoos Symbols And Their Meanings (2)

Keep in mind that the symbol can always be combined with some other element or figure. What characterizes you or is important to you, so creativity is the only limit.

For example, if you really like trees and plants. There are designs that have been created from the conjunction of these two elements.

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Resulting in a large tree whose roots mark the symbol. Or a pair of flowers whose stems are connected to each other, thus imitating the infinite. There are endless opportunities. These are a few of them:

Infinity tattoos for women

Many women use this symbol as a means of expressing themselves against oppression. They have suffered throughout history because of their gender.

This is because the infinite can be analyzed and seen as an opposition to the restrictions and ties. The infinite cannot be conditioned and therefore involves an internal critical and analytical process.

80+ Best Designs Infinity Tattoos Symbols And Their Meanings (3)

It can also represent a goal or goal that never reaches an end, such as personal growth and the development of human experiences. Generally, women usually wear this symbol on their wrists or neck, usually on the back, that is, on the back of their neck.

Infinity tattoos on the wrist

A doll is a place where these tattoos are very good and are one of the most popular. Because even if you are not adept at placing ink on your skin.

Being a small space many people choose it as their first part of the body in tattooing. Because it can be done in a short time and in a relatively less painful way.

80+ Best Designs Infinity Tattoos Symbols And Their Meanings (4)

A few creative people started using the doll to draw only half of the infinity symbol, along with their partners, best friends, or brothers, and so when they placed their dolls next to each other, the symbol was perceived in its entirety.

Infinity tattoos on the arm

This area allows the design to be more striking and to reach a larger size. However, and despite this advantage, it is not one of the most common sites where this tattoo is used.

If you want to get an infinity tattoo on this part of your body, regardless of the size you choose. You can be sure it will be attractive because most people identify with the meaning of it in one way or another.

80+ Best Designs Infinity Tattoos Symbols And Their Meanings (5)

Some colossal symbol designs have been carried out with tribal styles that can cover a fairly large surface. Although it is also common to see its standardized and simple form.

Another feature of the tattoos on the arm with this symbol is that. It can be used vertically in addition to horizontal. Providing a much larger canvas to translate more voluminous and elaborate ideas.

Infinity tattoos with initials

It is a more personalized form of infinity tattoos love. Since there is usually the same feeling and motivation in this as well. But its design is molded with the initials or sometimes with the full names of those people. Who is kept in mind when tattooing this symbol.

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Sometimes the lines of the symbol connect the initials to each other, but in other cases. The lines are not traditional at all, but the symbol is drawn from beginning to end by letters connected between them.

80+ Best Designs Infinity Tattoos Symbols And Their Meanings (6)

If you don’t want to feel uncomfortable with your tattoo. We recommend that you first study all the best-known fonts and choose one that allows you to see the initials or names with complete clarity.

A text font may be visually pleasing, but it will not have the visual effect we expect depending on its size or letter agglomeration. So be very careful about that!

Love Infinity Tattoos

This symbol is used in love as a promise of commitment and perpetuity. That’s why many trace this symbol on their bodies as an important reminder of the great bond they have for someone else.

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Some couples tattoo this symbol together in a similar manner to the exchange of rings during the marriage. So they can do so in the area of the finger that a ring would go, or in any other part of the body.

80+ Best Designs Infinity Tattoos Symbols And Their Meanings (7)

Although it is usually more used among couples, love can also refer to a relative or close friend.

How about mixing the infinity symbol with the most popular symbol of love, the heart? There are excellent designs that take advantage of this combination to directly impact the soul. This is excellent if you tattooed with your life’s love in mind.

Infinity tattoos with pen

No particular reason is known why this design of the infinite symbol accompanied by a pen has reached such high levels of popularity and fashion, but it is unquestionable. It may be an attempt to magnify certain conceptions of both symbols.

80+ Best Designs Infinity Tattoos Symbols And Their Meanings (8)

Both infinity and pen mean freedom, the ability to fly and achieve anything, the ability to overcome obstacles that arise in good conditions, and with the best of dispositions. Each attributes a different meaning, but this option has undoubtedly reached many people.

Infinity tattoos for men

The symbol of infinity is less frequent in men between the two genders. This may be because men tend to choose tattoos with larger dimensions and more detail. And many women choose more discreet and elegant designs.

80+ Best Designs Infinity Tattoos Symbols And Their Meanings (9)

Of course, this doesn’t always happen this way, so despite this. Men who get tattoos with this symbol usually associate it with an objective, lifestyle, or important relationship that they want to take with them everywhere, and that everyone can observe.

Family infinity tattoos

Have you never told yourself that the biggest and most important thing you have in the world is your family? Well, you surely have, and if so, you’ll be familiar with the idea of tattooing an infinite family.

An infinity in which the most important members of your family tree are projected, those relatives with whom you grew up.

80+ Best Designs Infinity Tattoos Symbols And Their Meanings (10)


Who brought you up, who was there at all the important moments of your life (those very difficult moments. But also those who filled your memories with joy and satisfaction).

If you want to make a family infinity, you should never worry about the losing value of design for you, and it will be very understandable.

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