Best Gifts For Guest Speakers And Presenters | Speaker Gifts (2023)

Check out our list of gifts for guest speakers, panelists, and trainers for your conference.

Giving your guest speaker a thank-you gift after an event is standard protocol. But it doesn’t mean you should just give any gift - in fact, the more thought you put into it, the better appreciation for your company. From expensive gifts for guest speakers to luxe items that will have them wanting to revisit your stage next year, being mindful of what you are giving goes a long way.

Having a famous guest speaker at your event is always a huge plus for your company, but any industry leader would be great for an event. Motivational speakers and industry leaders have made their mark in different domains for their ability to either impart specific skills that your employees want to acquire or deliver the right brand of motivation to keep them inspired and raring to do better than they did before. Because both of these reasons translate into immeasurable benefits to your company, it's always a nice gesture to present speakers with a corporate gift as a sign of gratitude.

Here are some of the best corporate gifts that you might want to consider giving your next set of guest speakers and presenters.

18 of the Best Business Gift Ideas for Guest Speakers

Here are eighteen suggestions that you can consider when you are looking for unique gift ideas for your guest speakers and presenters:

1. Token of Appreciation Ideas: Coffee Set

Coffee in itself like this Elm Coffee ($15) is a great gift for many beverage lovers, but you can do better than that! Pair it with Espro Copper Coffee Press ($60) and these chic Kinto Stacking Mugs in Navy ($27) and you’re not just giving drink but an entire handcrafted experience in itself. Place everything in a nice Kraft paper bag or box to keep that chic, coffee-shop vibe going even with the packaging!

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2. Speaker Gift Ideas that are Cozy and Relaxing!

If you want to send the message that your guest speaker deserves an evening of relaxation, there’s nothing quite like a unique corporate gift like this Vitruvi Diffuser ($119) bundled with some Essential Oils (2 for $20) and an ultra-soft Battio Blanket ($60). These items make the ultimate relaxation triumvirate and definitely make it to the list of the best business gift ideas for presentations.

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3. Perfect & Practical Guest Speaker Ideas: High-End Office Supplies

A notebook and pen set might seem like a very ordinary or commonplace type of gift, but not if you take it a notch higher. You can definitely wow your guest speakers with a Leuchturm Hardcover Journal ($20) paired with a Delfonics Wood Pen ($10), which is a thing of art in itself.

Best Gifts For Guest Speakers And Presenters | Speaker Gifts (3)

4. Special Token for Speakers: Bluetooth Trackers

Tech gifts make for some of the most popular corporate gift ideas in the last couple of years, and this Tile key tracker ($25) will prove to be a really useful and novel gift.

It’s a small yet powerful token that will be on your guest speakers keys all the time, so your company will never fail to be remembered every time he has to use it. And, These also make a great token for panelist members.

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5. Perfect Pairings Conference Speaker Gifts: Wine Set

Wine always makes it to a standard list of corporate gifts ideas, especially around the holidays. Wine-not upgrade your token of appreciation by super-sizing your wine giving protocol? You can gift your guest speakers and presenters with a Cool Breather Carafe by Norm Architects ($65), a pair of stackable glass cups ($15), and an always handy corkscrew ($10).

Best Gifts For Guest Speakers And Presenters | Speaker Gifts (5)

6. Speaker Gift Ideas: Classy Desktop Essentials

Give your guest speakers’ office desk a pretty and professional upgrade with easy. These beautiful pieces are designed to help your speaker stay productive and organized. Items like a Native Union Belt Cable ($25), a Baron Fig Desk Pad ($15), and a CubeBot ($9), prove that you don’t have to spend a lot to send meaningful, yet inexpensive gifts for guest speakers.

Best Gifts For Guest Speakers And Presenters | Speaker Gifts (6)

7. Gifts for Speakers:Everyday Helpers

Unique business gifts also include items that your guest speaker might use daily and come in handy when he resumes his regular routine. This sturdy Baggu Duck Bag ($30) can carry everything but the kitchen sink, and the minimalist design of this Kinto Travel Tumbler ($35) makes it a welcome addition to any and all thirsty commuters. Got room for one more item? This Miir 16oz canister ($34.95) makes for a beautiful container for snacks on the go.

Best Gifts For Guest Speakers And Presenters | Speaker Gifts (7)

8. Inexpensive Gifts For Guest Speakers: Functional Tech Accessories

A small collection of unique corporate gifts can prove to be very handy. Take for example a custom Pop Socket ($10), which makes handling one’s phone way easier. This OrbitKey Key Organizer ($25) eliminates the annoying jingling sound that your keys make when you take them out of your pocket and look for the right one. And finally, these Le Cord earphones ($39) is always well-appreciated, especially by music junkies or even those who want to drive and answer calls safely.

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9. Handy Speaker Gifts: Travel Packing Cubes

Since it’s a long shot for you to thank your guest speaker with a trip to Aruba or some other exotic location, the next best thing you can do is to give them a gift that’ll come in handy for when he needs or wants to take a vacation. This set of packing cubes by Incase will do just that. These can help maximize one’s suitcase while keeping clothes organized, whether by type of clothing or outfit per day.

Best Gifts For Guest Speakers And Presenters | Speaker Gifts (9)

10. Inexpensive Gifts for Guest Speakers: Sweet and Treats!

Most people can’t resist a sweet treat or two, and to play it safe why not gift your guest speaker or presenter with an assortment of the finest sweet goodies that you know? We’re talking Lolli & Pop Gummi Bear Tubes, indulgent Poco Dolci chocolates, scrumptious Little Belgians Speculoos Cookies, and crowd-pleaser Kika’s Treats Salted Crunchy Caramels. No two goodies are of the same type, so there’s always something for everyone – with enough left over for your guest speaker to share with his loved ones!

Best Gifts For Guest Speakers And Presenters | Speaker Gifts (10)

Best Gifts For Guest Speakers And Presenters | Speaker Gifts (11)

11. Sustainable Speaker Gifts: Always-reliable insulated bottles

Don’t dismiss an insulated bottle as an impressive corporate gift idea just because you’ve seen insulated bottles around. The key is to give one that comes from a good brand, like this Swell Travel Tumbler ($35) or this beautifully minimalist Corkcicle bottle ($20+). Both brands enjoy unprecedented success with their respective markets and have proven to be essential everyday companions to those who want to stay stylish even while sipping on their water.

Best Gifts For Guest Speakers And Presenters | Speaker Gifts (12)

12. Ideal Conference Gifts for Speakers: Mug and Coaster Set

So many great brands popping up everywhere, and this mug and coaster set duo will definitely liven up one’s dining table. This is especially true when you choose unique gifts from stylish brands like this Not Neutral Lino Mug ($18) paired with a Graft Lantz set of custom felt coasters.

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13. Sustainable Conference Gifts for Speakers: Miir Drinkware Set

While we’re on the subject of drinks, you can take things higher by gifting a set of drinkware for your guest speaker. A unique corporate gift basket filled with an assortment of drinkware is a novel idea, indeed. A good place to start? This bottle ($19), insulated tumbler ($19.99), and Camp Cup ($19.99) all from Miir are useful for all kinds of situations that involve a sip of some beverage!

Best Gifts For Guest Speakers And Presenters | Speaker Gifts (14)

14. Elevated Gifts for Speakers: Executive Necessities

A bag or a wire-bound notebook might not seem like such a unique employee or guest speaker gift idea, but you cannot deny the fact that they’re practically mainstays for people who belong to the corporate world. To make these two items seem more special, go for trusted and renowned brands that deliver great impressions like this luxurious RowRow Crossbody Bag ($60) and these Appointed Notebooks ($24), which have excellent paper that can absorb fine ink beautifully. With these two options, the ordinary everyday objects like a bag or a notebook suddenly seem so much more special.

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15. Inexpensive Gifts for Guest Speakers: Tea Set

For people who aren’t coffee drinkers, this tea set is a great option as gift ideas for employee guest speakers. When building this kit, make sure you include choice items such as the August Tea Flavor Kit ($29) so they can look forward to different flavors every time they make a cup of tea, and this charming Kinto mug ($17) that delivers all sorts of rustic feels. Complete the experience by throwing in a warm and fuzzy Woolrich Atlas blanket ($55) as a bonus.

Best Gifts For Guest Speakers And Presenters | Speaker Gifts (16)

16. Much Appreciated Gifts for Speakers: A Great Backpack

It’s not too often that you give a full-fledged backpack as a guest speaker gift, because most people are inclined to give corporate giveaway style totes and duffels. This UBB Utility Backpack ($70) will change your guest speaker’s perception of yourself as a gift giver. UBB is a great brand that makes fantastically designed backpacks with durable material and lots of handy pockets.

Best Gifts For Guest Speakers And Presenters | Speaker Gifts (17)

17. Wow-Worthy Gifts for Speakers: A Great Weekender Kit

A thoughtful way to express your thanks is with this nifty weekender package, which consists of a tres chic Baggu Canvas Duffel ($44), silver Le Cord headphones ($50), and a Smart Native Union Charger ($30). Each item in this set is useful for both work and play.

Best Gifts For Guest Speakers And Presenters | Speaker Gifts (18)

18. Tasty Conference Speaker Gifts: Spice and Snack Basket

Food is always a good idea, and a common practice is to create a food basket filled with goodies that your guest speaker can enjoy. One great suggestion is an herb garden theme, which is always a sure winner. Put together a pack containing Rustic Bakery Crackers ($8), a bottle of ILA EVOO ($23), Daphne and Chloe oregano ($8.50), and some Cucina & Amore Bruschettas ($23). Place them all in this charming SanMar Canvas Market Tote ($12) and you have a fine-looking food package filled with curated, artisanal goodies.

Best Gifts For Guest Speakers And Presenters | Speaker Gifts (19)

Best Gifts For Guest Speakers And Presenters | Speaker Gifts (20)

4 Tips for Etiquette for Presenting Business Gifts for Guest Speakers

Giving your guest speakers and presenters a business corporate gift should always be done with care. These simple guidelines should make this task easy and memorable at the same time:

1. Speaker gifts should be presented right away.

Present the guest gifts as soon as you can after the event. Gratitude should not be delayed, and for someone who has made time and effort to speak at your event, it will mean a big thing if you express it in the least amount of time.

2. The best speaker gift is personalized to your recipient.

Provide more details about why you are grateful for their help. A mere “thanks” won’t cut it. Go the extra mile and tell them exactly why you are grateful for their time and effort, because being specific about why you think the guest speaker’s talk was beneficial lets them know exactly how you value them.

3. Conference gifts for speakers should have a professional presentation.

Provide wrapping and a handwritten card or note. Your unique gift is made even better when you go through the trouble of making it look presentable – even if you are giving something that isn’t overly expensive. The thought and care that goes with the presentation signify how much effort you put into giving thanks to your guest speaker or presenter.

4. The best gifts for speakers at conferences include a thoughtful follow-up.

In all of the excitement, it’s easy to forget the sentiment or thorough appreciation of gratitude. Don’t forget to text your appreciation and feedback after the event! Dropping in a greeting via text or email is a nice extra touch that your guest speaker will remember. Giving them feedback about how your team was able to implement his ideas will always be good for them and them a chance to all the more improve on their talents.

If you have been really satisfied with your guest speaker, you might also communicate that you are open to working with them again in the future on other team-building or professional development talks and workshops. (If you want to show more of your gratitude, these ideas on doing so are also very useful).

Suggestions for Building and Choosing Your Guest Speaker Gifts

  • Determine a budget for different types of speakers. Not all speakers will require the same kind of thank you gifts, so it is good to identify the budget that you intend to spend for each. Figuring out these numbers will include looking at your annual budget for this expense, the number of times you need to hold events that will require guest speakers, and other factors that might be specific to your company.
  • Make attempts to match your thank you gifts to your guest speakers. All of the gifts in this article are great choices, no matter who you will be gifting them with. But if you want to go the extra mile, it pays to do extra research on your guest speaker to determine which particular gift or gift set he or she might appreciate more. For example, if you know that your guest speaker loves to travel or is always traveling, a thank you gift that leans towards that interest or activity might prove to be more useful to them.
  • ‍Have items on stock even if you don’t have a scheduled guest speaker for an event. There will be times in a year when you might get so frazzled with work that you might overlook a simple task such as choosing gifts for your guest speakers. Having a few items on hand will greatly eliminate that hassle, as all you need to do is to grab one from the office storage room. Make sure that you don’t stock up on anything perishable, or anything fragile that could break from the inside of a box when moved around (which sometimes happens when people move stuff around in an office space).
  • ‍Mix high-value items with more economical ones. If you feel like the best gift for your motivational speaker is a set of items, you can combine expensive and cheap pieces so you have a good balance that 1) won’t break the budget, and 2) won’t seem like you’re cheap. A Bluetooth speaker from a good brand can be considered a high-value item, and with that, you can add an enamel keychain, a ballpoint pen and notebook set, and an insulated mug. It’s delightful to have different things to sift through as a gift recipient!
  • ‍Add “little extras” to your thank-you gift. The gift items suggested in this article are great for mixing and matching with each other. However, it’s also a good idea for you to add other things that you think your guest speaker might enjoy. Some examples include a box of impossibly delicious lemon tarts that your aunt makes or a particular book that you feel is something your guest speaker might want to read.

‍If a speaker waives his professional fees, consider upping the ante on his thank-you gift. Professional speakers and personalities who have established their credibility in their respective fields often have speaking and engagement fees. f your chosen speaker agrees to your request without giving you a quotation, it’s a good sign to really spend well for a nice thank-you gift that is above and beyond what you usually give to your usual speakers. Remember that this person chooses not to charge you for his wisdom (which will have tremendous returns on investments for your company), so it is only right to find an appropriate way to thank them through gifts in kind.

Give Gifts For Speakers At Conferences With A Grateful Heart

Giving a thank-you gift to a motivational speaker is more than just saying thanks for making time out to speak at your event. It also means you value the person’s expertise and believe that his input will translate into the development of your employees or event attendees.

A really great thank-you gift (no matter what that may be) is one way to keep the lines of communication open between you and your chosen guest speaker: it opens up more possibilities for future collaborations between your company and them. If you feel that your guest speakers are high-value individuals whose content delivers a satisfactory return on interest, then by all means make it a point to give them something that they would genuinely be delighted with.

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