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When people help you out in some way, you have to thank them. Often that requires a gift.

A lot of times these are not large gifts but rather small tokens of your gratitude.

Getting small gifts for loved ones such as parents and siblings and members of your wedding party can be personal and based around the theme or event.

Buying gifts for acquaintances and coworkers is usually not as specific to the person, as you do not know the person!

When buying for Teacher Appreciation Week, Administrative Professionals Day and perhaps your customers, buying a simple gift in bulk may be the way to go.

Professional Thank You Gift Ideas

If you are buying a gift for a coworker, your workers or a teacher then you need to lean into a more generic gift that a broad personal background and different belief systems would be comfortable receiving.

I recommend sticking to the basics and getting small gifts of appreciation for professionals that most adult humans enjoy – snacks, coffee, and Chapstick are always welcome!

1) Amazon Gift Cards

Nobody is going to turn down an Amazon gift card and a thank you note or a simple card.

Depending on how many professionals you are shopping for may determine your individual budget.

You can get this a stand alone gift or pair it with another one of the below listed small gifts.

2) Burt’s Bees Gift Set, 5 Essential Products

I am currently out of Chapstick and I am hoping that someone thanks me with a small Burt’s Bees gift set!

This great gift set contains five Burt’s Bees products and is a safe crowd pleaser and small token of appreciation.

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3) Never Forget The Difference You’ve Made Keychain- Coworker Leaving Gift / Thank You Gift

For an office teammate that is leaving for a new job or for a teacher during teacher appreciation week, here is a keychain with the words “never forget the difference you’ve made.”

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4) Starbucks Gift Cards

Amazon sells a vast array of gift cards that would be wanted by different people.

If your team or child’s teacher is crazy for coffee, then go for a Starbucks gift card.

If you know of a local business that is well loved then of course shop local and buy gift certificates and gift cards for everyone on your thank you list.

This is a crowd favorite for a reason.

It’s a great way to say Thank You to a person that goes that extra mile.

5) Makeup Bag

One idea for the above small gifts is to put a pair or a few of them in a bag together.

Amazon sells many adorable makeup bags/zipped stuff bags that have words of thanks and encouragement on them that are nice for just one person or to buy in bulk for a whole team.

Making a small custom gift bag with some free coffee and a keychain would be a small gift that goes a long way for people feeling appreciated.

This could be the perfect way to gift a family member that is having a birthday between the age of 13 to 18.

Teenage girls need need encouragement and a place to keep their makeup!

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6) Mixed Single Cup Club Membership

I don’t know if you have worked in an office or a school, but there is a feast or famine situation in the breakroom.

There are either a lot of not great coffee pods or nothing is left!

This Cratejoy mixed Single Cup Club membership could be an ongoing or one time thank you gift to your child’s school teachers or your office mates.

If I received one of these I would hide it in my desk.

It’s one of the more creative ways to show you care.

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Small Premade Gift Boxes

Some sellers on Etsy have already put a lot of thought into hand tailored, thoughtful gift boxes that work in multiple settings including professional.

If you wish to just order and have something arrive that looks beautifully displayed and contains gifts that most people like, then this may be an easy route for you.

7) Employee Appreciation Gift Box

The Employee Gift Box by Succulent Kreations Co. comes with a live succulent, a notebook paired with a slick gold pen and a cactus and succulent greeting card with personalized message from your coworkers or child’s teachers.

This special gift is packaged in a beautiful box and can be sent to you or to the intended.

You can add on extra items such as keychains or candy.

Super cute and thoughtful gift idea and it seems to wow at not a high price point.

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8) Appreciation Box

This Appreciation Box is a tiny box with messages of appreciation for their hard work and filled with candy by YouAreAppreciated.

The is a frugal small gift that lets people know that you thought about them and put effort into seeking out a gift themed for thanks of appreciation.

You can also get other add-ons from the seller. (I would add a special treat to satisfy a sweet tooth)

Small Thank You Gift Ideas - What Mommy Does (9)

9) Thank You Gift Box

The Thank You Gift Box by Eryn’s Home and Gifts is a themed thank you box that is filled with self care and spa items such as aromatherapy candles, fancy soaps, botanical steam facials.

A perfect small gift to help the teachers relax or coworkers unwind from a rough week!

Again the seller can customize these boxes with add-ons.

Small Thank You Gift Ideas - What Mommy Does (10)

Thank You For Being A Friend Gift

The goal of a small thank you gift is an inexpensive thank you gift that the intended will actually appreciate.

When buying for a friend, loved one or close acquaintance the gifts can be less professional and tailored to the interests of the intended.

These interests may range from pop culture to religion to inside jokes.

10) Thank You for Being a Friend Mug Gift

For your pal or confidant, here is a hot or cold to go mug.

Thank your friend with this cup and she can drink her wine, coffee or y’all can spill the tea together.

The Golden Girls were an iconic friend group and the message is not small even if the gift is.

This small gift would pair well with whatever your friend likes to drink if you choose to personalize the gift to their taste.

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11) I Wish You Lived Next Door Gift Candle

I have occasionally encountered some dear friends that I truly feel this sentiment about “I wish you lived next door.”

When one of your favorite people does you a favor – such as watching your children during an emergency or just listening to you vent – then get them a gift that truly expresses how you feel.

I would go with the I Wish You Lived Next Door Candle from Amazon as a small appreciation gift.

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12) You Are Amazing Ceramic Mug

This gift mug states “you are amazing” and has a lovely floral print.

Inside the mug it reads “she is clothed with strength and dignity” from the Proverbs.

This meaningful gift offers thanks and encouragement for your strong female friend or loved one.

If you have staff members that love coffee, this would make a great thank you gift.

Getting a few with a different special message on each would be a truly cute idea.

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13) Golden Girls Oven Mitts and Pot Holders Set

The theme song got stuck in my head as I scoured the internet for perfect small thank you gifts.

This lead to yet another idea from this Classic TV show.

The Golden Girls Oven Mitts and Pot Holder set is a two piece set featuring the ladies’ faces.

Anybody of a large age range who owns an oven would get the humor and the meaning behind the gift.

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When it comes to Thank Yous, a lot of times it really is just the thought that counts.

But with a little bit of effort you can win the best boss/parent/friend award and find the perfect gift that shows your appreciation.

This is just a small sampling of the vast array of small thank you gifts that are available.

I will keep you posted as I find more unique gifts that will add a little creativity to your simple tokens of appreciation.

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